NOON: journal of the short poem 16

NOON: journal of the short poem issue 16 is now available online. NOON publishes poems that are 14 lines or less.

Issue 16 features haiku by Robert Witmer, Christopher Patchel, Elmedin Kadric, Tiffany Shaw-Diaz, Lee Gurga, Cherie Hunter Day, Peter Newton, C. E. J. Simons, Jim Kacian, Dave Read, Roland Packer, Eve Luckring, LeRoy Gorman, Stephen Toft, Gary Hotham, Victor Ortiz, Caroline Skanne, and Scott Metz, among others.


NOON: two new issues

NOON: journal of the short poem, “a journal [that] aims to put some of the most interesting English-language haiku in conversation with other innovative short poetry,” has released two new issues at once (14 and 15).

The journal is edited by Philip Rowland, a coeditor of Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years (W. W. Norton, 2013). The new issues feature haiku by Gary Hotham, Johannes S.H. Bjerg, Victor Ortiz, Helen Buckingham, LeRoy Gorman, Rebecca Lilly, Sandra Simpson, Lee Gurga, Scott Metz, Clayton Beach, Dave Read, Roberta Beary, Michelle Tennison, Christopher Patchel, Bill Cooper, and John Martone.

One of my own from issue 15:

o and by the waves who’s we