***As of January 1, 2022:

Thank you for your interest in is/let,

but I not considering submissions at this time.***

I am looking to feature work that is exploratory, experimental, and inquisitive of language, image, and sound. To quote from the introduction that Lee Gurga and I wrote for Haiku 2014, I am not only looking to publish ku that challenge and provoke, but that also “successfully and intriguingly expand, extend, play with, and test the form.” All in all, I am looking for ku that are fresh, whether that is done through experimentation or more “traditional”-classicist approaches.

Places to go that would give you a clear idea of the kind of ku I enjoy would be the journal I previously edited, R’r, the anthologies I’ve edited with Lee Gurga (Haiku 21, Haiku 2014, Haiku 2015Haiku 2016, Haiku 2020) and also the vast array of “H21 ku” presented in The Disjunctive Dragonfly : A New Approach to English-Language Haiku by Richard Gilbert.

is/let is also interested in minimal poems that blur the line/s between short poetry and haiku, displaying a kind of lineage or kinship.

Send your poems (a sequence/short-form poem is treated as singular) to Send however many you like.

Though there are no due dates or reading periods, please only send one submission in a month’s time, even if work has been accepted. Please allow me a month’s time to consider your poems though I hope to get back much sooner. If I have not gotten back to you within a month, then I have not selected anything from your submission.  Just to be clear: I will not be sending rejection emails, only acceptance emails. Please send more!

. . .

3 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Hi Scot, I cited some of your research in the Foreword of my first full haiku book, a tree frog’s eyes, where I share a little about the influences and background on my life and haiku (i.e. what led to the kind of haiku I write).

    I found this wonderful site and enjoyed what I read so far. I’m looking forward to submitting some work in the future, but for now I’ll just enjoy the work posted here.

    Thanks for providing this site.


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