“The extent of the annotations might make Bashō appear derivative, but as I have pointed out elsewhere (and as everyone knows), the “cult of originality” is something new to our literary experience. A rich fabric of reference—in good hands, such as Shakespeare’s, Eliot’s, or Bashō’s—is an incomparable resource and a source of wonderment.”

—Hiroaki Sato / Bashō’s Narrow Road (1996)

Yukio Mishima’s Haiku


Hiroaki Sato has a new book, On Haiku, coming out from New Directions.

One chapter that takes a look at the haiku of Yukio Mishima is in The Paris Review. It’s available to read online. The essay/chapter was originally published in Roadrunner (R’r).

Yo no umi no kuraki o nagare kiri hitoha
Flowing in the dark of the night lake a paulownia leaf