Sunrise has been updated.

Peter Yovu’s haiku collection Sunrise was published originally by Red Moon Press in 2010. Instead of expanding it for a second edition, Yovu decided to go the opposite way by changing the order of poems, and also removing seventeen of them, thus tightening the entire collection up. Other subtle, yet significant, changes: a different cover altogether (again by the author) that enwraps both the front and back covers, blurbs have been removed from the back cover, some of the section artworks have been rotated. The title now has a lowercase s, sunrise. The poems are also presented in a different font with tighter line-spacing, and because seventeen have been removed they are able to breathe even more on their pages. The paper used for the cover is now soft and velvety, not unlike a sleeping animal of some kind, or a sunrise. The changes, though many of them subtle, are collectively powerful. Not unlike haiku poetry: less is more. It all seems more focused and refined, as if time has allowed Yovu to ponder the work more deeply. The results are wonderful, making what I think was an incredible collection into something like a classic among English-language haiku collections. Once again, it’s available from Red Moon Press / Amazon.

A favorite:

that we could flower where the earth is so